The human imagination is a peculiar thing. It wants to build images from small framents, collect and connect stories, seperate essential information from irrelevant. The imagination of an artist creates stories and images for us to see. Abtraction turns into observable  and opens us views to these visions. Small particles of artist´s private stories turns into more general reality and we can experience them in our individual way. The private  experience turns into collective experience.

Petit turns grand, silent sound grows stronger. Our sense of hearing gets receptive to  receive the smallest hints  from the wholeness which the artist wants us to experience.

All this happens while you look Mia’s work. Her work sends messages from personal experiences. The volume of these experiense is not important for the strenght of the artpiece. Petit is as important as grand. Emotions move when you understand, you will understand when you open up to the experience of the everyday.

Helena Lehtinen

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Gallery Maurer Zilioli, Germany

World of TRE, TRE Salon, Finland
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Gallery FOUR, Sweden

Gallery Alice Floriano, Brazil

Gallery Noel Guyomarch, Canada


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Jewelry shots by Mirei Takeuchi
Exactly series shot by Lauri Eriksson

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