The human imagination is a peculiar thing. It wants to build images from small framents, collect and connect stories, seperate essential information from irrelevant. The imagination of an artist creates stories and images for us to see. Abtraction turns into observable  and opens us views to these visions. Small particles of artist´s private stories turns into more general reality and we can experience them in our individual way. The private  experience turns into collective experience.

Petit turns grand, silent sound grows stronger. Our sense of hearing gets receptive to  receive the smallest hints  from the wholeness which the artist wants us to experience.

All this happens while you look Mia’s work. Her work sends messages from personal experiences. The volume of these experiense is not important for the strenght of the artpiece. Petit is as important as grand. Emotions move when you understand, you will understand when you open up to the experience of the everyday.

Helena Lehtinen

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September 2017 :: Solo exhibition / Gallery Four, Gothenburg

Oktober 2017 ::  Experimental Gastronomy by / Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

Ongoing project :: collaboration with Annika Pettersson


Gallery FOUR, Sweden

Gallery Alice Floriano, Brazil

Gallery Rob Koudijs, Netherlands

Gallery Noel Guyomarch, Canada

Gallery Spektrum, Germany


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2004 – 2010Master of Fine Arts , Master Student , Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Munich, Germany
1996 – 2001Bachelor of Fine Arts , Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, USA
19992-D Painting studies , Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu, Finland
1998Stone working studies , University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland
1989A-Levels , Joensuun Yhteiskoulu Gymnasium, Joensuu, Finland
Working experience 
2016Review Boards, Senior, Rhode Island School of Art and Design RISD, Providence, USA
2014 –Window decoration designer and builder for Freudenhaus, Munich and MACY, Munich
2011 – 2015Jewellery Designer , MARIMEKKO, Finland
Collections: Fall 2012, Spring/Fall 2013, Spring/Summer/Fall 2014, Spring/Fall 2015
2006 – 2009Independent Curator
Animal, Hibernate, Little Red House, Estonian, Helena Lehtinen Solo, Utuinen Puutarha Jewellery Exhibitions
2001Project Manager , Contact - Jewellery Symposium, Massachussets College of Arts and Design, Boston, USA
2017Working w Porcelain, Jewelry School Santiago de Chile, Chile (5 days)
MURMA, Joensuu, Finland (3 days)
2016Fall in love with your own work, Massachussets College of Art and Design, Boston, USA (1 day)
School of Museum of Fine Art, Boston, USA (5 days), Wellesley College, Wellesley, USA (2 days)
Atelier M. Pappalardo, San Paolo, Brazil (5days), Atelier Lourenco de Bern, Lago Norte, Brasilia, Brazil (2 days)
2015Everyday matters , Saimaa University of Applied Science and Arts, Imatra, Finland (5days)
Everyday Matters , Escuela Taller, Bogota, Colombia (5 days)
2014Everyday Matters , Organized by Otro Diseno, Mexico City, Mexico (5 days)
Everyday-Designing from Emotion , Walka-Studioes, Santiago, Chile (5 days)
2013No Man is an Island , University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden (5 days)
Designing from Within , Organized by Conarte, Monterrey, Mexico (3 days)
2012Molding Passivity , KORU4 4th Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery Symposium, Imatra, Finland (5 days)
Coated with texture and color , Saimaa University of Applied Science and Fine Arts, Imatra, Finland (5 days)
In conversation , California College of Arts & California County College, San Francisco, USA (2 days)
2011Pulling String , Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design, Geneva, Switzerland (5 days)
Tonic Project 1&2, Possibilities in Plastics, Innovation Center, Joensuu, Finland (10 days)
2010No man is an Island , Konstfack University Adelläb, Stockholm, Sweden (5 days)
Enamelling and color in jewellery , Saimaa University of Applied Science and Arts, Imatra, Finland (5days)
2016My Artistic Practice , School of Museum of Fine Art, Boston, USA
My Artistic Practice , Massachusset College of Arts and Design, Boston, USA
MIA , Gallery Virgilio, San Paolo, Brazil/ University Unisinos, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Breathe , School of Museum of Fine Art, Boston, USA / Massachusetts College of Arts and Design, Boston, USA /
2015MIA , Saimaa University of Applied Science and Arts, Imatra, Finland
Everyday Matters , Escuela Taller, Bogota, Colombia
2014Everyday Matters , FADEU University of Architecture and Design, Santiago, Chile/ UDP University of
2013Everyday Matters , University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden
2012KORU4 , 4th Triennial of International Contemporary Jewellery, Imatra, Finland
California College of Arts, San Francisco, USA
2011Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Konstepidemin, Gallery Hnoss, Gothenburg, Sweden
2010Konstfack, Adelläb, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden
Saimaa University of Applied Science and Arts, Imatra, Finland
2007 – 2008Gallery Norsu, Helsinki, Finland
Hosted internships 
2016 Maria Kahnwailer, University of Tallinn, Estonia (8 weeks)
Pia Gröh, University of Idar Oberstein, Germany ( 5 weeks)
2014Marine Viaud, University of Toulouse Il le Mirail, Toulouse, France (4 weeks)
Susanna Laamanen, Saimaa University of Applied Science and Fine Arts, Imatra, Finland (8 weeks)
2013Noana Giamba, Object and jewellery design, MAD Program, Hasselt, Belgium (7 weeks)
Marion Blume, RIetwelt Akademie, Amsterdam, Netherlands (4 weeks)
Babs Zwanink (BFA), ABK Maastricht, Belgium (4 weeks)
Salla Lahtinen, Saimaa University of Applied Science and Fine Arts, Imatra, Finland (8 weeks)
2012Camille Angelin, DNAP Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg, France (3 weeks)
Awards, grants 
2017 Exhibition preparation, TAIKE, Helsinki, Finland
2016 Artist Grant (1 year), TAIKE, Helsinki, Finland
2014Danner Foundation, Munich, Germany
2013Erwin and Gisela Steiner Foundation, Munich, Germany
2012Finnland Institut, Berlin, Germany
2010Herbert Hoffman Price, Handwerkskammer München, Munich, Germany
2007Joensuu Cultural Foundation, Joensuu, Finland
Danner Price, Munich, Germany
2005, 2006, 2007, 2009Finnish Embassy Berlin, Germany
2003, 2005, 2006Finnish Cultural Council, Joensuu, Finland
2004Alfred Kordell Foundation, Helsinki, Finland
Joensuu Cultural Foundation, Joensuu, Finland
2001Women Jewelry Association Scholarship, Boston, USA
Morton Godine Foundation Travel Award, Boston, USA
Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 3-D Foundation Price, Boston, USA
Solo exhibitions 
2017 Gallery Four, Göteborg, Sweden
2016 Breathe , Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, USA
On my way to the record shop , Gallery Virgilio, San Paolo/Gallery Alice Floriano, Porto Alegre/ Atelier Lourenco de
2015Stardust , Gallery Spektrum, Munich, Germany
Stardust POP-UP , KORU5, Jewellery symposium, Imatra, Finland
Jewellery 2009 to Present , Escuela Taller, Bogota, Colombia
1000Stardust - Performing jewellery for 24 hours , City of Munich funded Public Project, Munich, Germany
2014Life is juicy - How fragile is your day , O-Jewel Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Exactly , We Walka Gallery Space, Santiago, Chile
2013Life is juicy- How fragile is your day , Gallery Spektrum, Munich, Germany
2012Aurora , Gallery Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, USA
2010 – 2011Explosive: Frozen Fireworks , Gallery Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam, Netherlands/ Gallery Hnoss, Gothenburg, Sweden/
2009Lollipops in the wood – Bites from everyday , Kunst im Keller 84 GHz, Munich, Germany/
Rantapaja Gallery, Lappeenranta, Finland
2004Utuinen Puutarha , Joensuu City Museum, Joensuu, Finland
1998Pieni Tytön Tylleröinen , Joensuu, Finland
Selected group exhibitions 
2017 Experimental Gastronomy, Steinbesser project, Hotel Lloyd, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016The Dinner#2, collaboration with Annika Pettersson, Gallery Platina, Stockholm, Sweden
Pilino Soma Vol.II, The Sowl Gallery, Athens, Greece
The Dinner , collaboration with Annika Pettersson, Giesinger Bahnhof, Munich, Germany
30 years, Gallery Spektrum, Munich, Germany
2015Alumni jewellery works , SNAG, Massachussets College of Arts and Design, Boston, USA
2014Förderprize Jewellery 2014 ( nomination), Gallery Lothringer13, Munich, Germany
This is where they met , Jewellery Sessions, Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel
Car Crashes and Butterflies , Room Installation Exactly , Atelier Pierce, Munich, Germany
2013Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2013 presenting Germany, Cheongju, South-Korea
Contemporary Art Jewelry Hankyu Umeda 2013, Osaka, Japan
Förderprize Jewellery 2013 (nomination), Gallery Lothringer13, Munich, Germany
Dialogue , Galerie Noel Guyomarch, Montreal, Canada
Lahtikorut , Gallery 84GHz, Munich & Gallery Pont & Plas, Gent, Belgium
Jewellery Sessions , presented by Gallery Platina, IHM, Handwerksmesse, Munich, Germany
Meanwhile in Finland , Gallery Nutida, Stockholm, Sweden
2012KORU4 , 4th Triennial of International Contemporary Jewellery, Imatra, Finland
Tuhkaa ja Timantteja , Gallery Platina, Stockholm, Sweden/ Lahti Muotohuoltamo, Lahti, Finland/
Gallery Pihatto, Lappenranta, Finland
Private-Public Slowing down to see further , Performance project, Rodeo Festival, Munich, Germany
Unexpected Pleasure s: the art and design of contemporary jewellery,
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Australia / Design Museum, London, UK
Jewellery Unleashed , Room Installation Eruption , Museum Bellerive, Zurich, Switzerland
SCHMUCK 2010/ 2011/2012 , IHM, Handwerkmesse, Munich, Germany
2011Jewellery Unleashed , Room Installation Eruption , Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, Arnhem, Netherlands
Selected publications 
2014MADE IN GERMANY Book , Inspiration Lab, Bureau Mirko Borche, Germany
2013Cheoungju International Craft Biennale 2013 Catalog , German Contemporary Arts & Crafts, South-Korea
2012JEWELBOOK 12/13 , Stichting kunstboek, Belgium
Mirror Mirror , Exhibition Catalog, France
CRAFTS magazine no. 234 , UK, pages. 1, 44
2011ON JEWELLERY Book by Lisbeth den Besten, Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Germany
The Ring – jewel forever , exhibition Catalog, Hnoss Gallery, Sweden
SOFA Chicago Catalog text by Damien Skinner, USA, p. 32-35
NOOVO 3, Unexpected Thoughts Book , Pepin Press, Netherlands, pages 08-113
2010TAIDEDESIGN #9 , Pronto Media, Finland, pages 132-137
POWER OF COPYING Book , Xuzhou Museum of Art, China
SCHMUCK 2010/2011/2012 Catalog , IHM, Handwerksmesse, Germany
2008DES WAHNSINNS FETTE BEUTE Book , Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Germany
Permanent collections 
Marzee Collection , Nijmegen, Netherlands
The Jewellery Art Association Finland , Lahti, Finland
Private Collections


Jewelry shots by Mirei Takeuchi
Exactly series shot by Lauri Eriksson

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